[Snort-users] HELP! more info/progress

Jason Boyer jason at ...418...
Thu Sep 14 01:40:44 EDT 2000

Had those exact same issues.

Resolved it by redoing the mysql database after trying to use the cvs one. Also
made sure the default logging directory was created /var/log/snort. Then ran
snort with snort -D -c myrules.rules. Seemed to make the error msg go away and
it started logging no problem. My main issue was that it wasn't logging at all
with those two errors. 



On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, A.L.Lambert wrote:
> Ok, figured out another thing.  I accidentally created the DB with
> the create_mysql script in my CVS tree, and not the one from the 1.6.3
> tree (DOH!).  Now I get the following:
> ---snip
> Initializing rule chains...
> log_database: Database type is mysql
> log_database: Database name is snort
> log_database: User set to root
> log_database: Host set to localhost
> log_database: Port set to 3306
> Error: 
> Error: 
> 1526 Snort rules read...
> 1526 Option Chains linked into 216 Chain Headers
> ---snip
> 	However, despite the "Error:" x2 in startup messages, I do seem to
> get data in my database (or so I see with cat /var/lib/mysql/snort |
> strings):).  Anyhoo.  Still a long ways to go for me, so anyone who wants
> to e-mail me with some pointers, PLEASE do.  Thanks in advance, and
> Cheers!
> 	--A.L.Lambert
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