[Snort-users] re: Can't compile snort 6.1.3 was (no targets)

Don Heffernan donheff at ...88...
Wed Sep 13 19:10:45 EDT 2000

To follow-up on my earlier exchange about my difficulties getting 6.1.3
to compile on RH 6.2 (configure didn't produce a makefile).  I also
couldn't get the 6.1.3 rpm to install.  I tried the 1.6 rpm and it
wouldn't install either, but the 1.6 source worked fine.  I now have
snort-1.6 running well on RH6.2

I suspect the problem was specific to me since it involved so many
versions.  Unless I hear of something that may have caused my problem, I
will sit tight on 1.6 until the next release comes out.

Thanks again for the advice earlier today.

Don Heffernan

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