[Snort-users] Small suggestion for 'rules database'.

M. Burnett mburnett at ...448...
Wed Sep 13 11:27:19 EDT 2000

I must second this suggesstion, it would be nice to have an all-text rules
page to help with things like automating rules updates and stuff.  Or even
an XML page that we can parse out ourselves.

Mark Burnett
Xato Network Security, Inc.

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> Hi,
> This (small) issue has been on mind for a while, but now my friends who
> Snort have reminded me of it. It regards the ASP script on Snort.org used
> create custom rulesets. The script is great (I am not at all complaining),
> but maybe you could make it dump to a text file and not to an HTML file?
> if HTML format is needed for some reason, maybe you could make an option
> choose between plain-text and HTML? This would be really beneficial -- the
> HTML does tend to screw up the file and makes getting a custom rules file
> pain in the neck on some systems (such as home-made routers with no
> X-Windows...Lynx's 'd' command downloads the HTML source..).
> Thanks,
> Vitaly McLain
> twistah at ...93...
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