[Snort-users] Small suggestion for 'rules database'.

Vitaly McLain twistah at ...93...
Mon Sep 11 19:15:29 EDT 2000


This (small) issue has been on mind for a while, but now my friends who use
Snort have reminded me of it. It regards the ASP script on Snort.org used to
create custom rulesets. The script is great (I am not at all complaining),
but maybe you could make it dump to a text file and not to an HTML file? Or
if HTML format is needed for some reason, maybe you could make an option to
choose between plain-text and HTML? This would be really beneficial -- the
HTML does tend to screw up the file and makes getting a custom rules file a
pain in the neck on some systems (such as home-made routers with no
X-Windows...Lynx's 'd' command downloads the HTML source..).

Vitaly McLain
twistah at ...93...

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