[Snort-users] SnortSnarf version 090700.1

James Hoagland hoagland at ...47...
Thu Sep 7 21:53:50 EDT 2000

Greetings Snort-users,

Silicon Defense is pleased to announce the release of SnortSnarf 
version 090700.1.  Here is a list of changes:

+ added special handling of alerts from the Spade anomalous event sensor
including a specialized section of the pages
+ CIDR specification of networks now supported for -homenet
+ for pages listing alerts, a summary of the alert types is now presented at
top of page
+ Geektools now added as an IP lookup option (contrib. by Dr. Paul Mitchell)
+ arachNIDS links are now generated even if IDS### is not at the start of
the alert message
+ added new SISR module set_flags.pl to summarize protocol flags and added
corresponding details to the example config file

Never heard of Spade?  Not too surprising since we haven't released 
it yet :).  We plan to put it out next week.  It is a Snort 
preprocessor that will report on low-probabilty packets.

You can pick up the distribution and read more at:


Best regards,

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