[Snort-users] I'm back

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Wed Sep 6 14:06:05 EDT 2000

welcome back, slightly off topic I know but what will happen to ARMOR, will
it still go ahead at Hiverworld or will you take it elsewhere??

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> Hi everyone,
>      After a long hiatus, I'm returning to active development on Snort.
> case you're wondering, yes, I have left Hiverworld.  While I've been away
> Fyodor Yarochkin, Jed Pickel, Max Vision, Jim Forster, Dragos Ruiu, and
> Patrick Mullen have been picking up the slack and getting things setup at
> SourceForge, plus working to maintain and advance the source code, do bug
> fixes, answer support mail, and generally do everything I used to do.  On
> behalf of myself and everyone on the mailing list, I'd like to thank them!
> Now that I'm back I'd like to keep things pretty much the way they are
> currently, with the guys helping me keep this project running and acting
as an
> administrative group for Snort.  I think we're getting close to another
> release, though 1.7 is still a bit off in the distance.
> That's about it for now, look for me to be more active around the snort
> mailing lists and to start releasing 1.6.4-beta's pretty soon.  Woohoo! ;)
>      -Marty
> P.S. My Hiverworld e-mail account is now gone as well, so please use
> this address or my roesch at ...66... addr from now on.
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