[Snort-users] Problem with snort and AIX

Thomas Nilsson thomas.nilsson at ...416...
Wed Sep 6 04:48:35 EDT 2000

Hello! Im having alot of AIX boxes and I want to use Snort with them. But, it wont work, I get the following error when starting the program: 

root at ...417...:/usr/local/bin>snort -c snort.cfg
[?] NOTICE: _PATH_VARRUN is unavailable!
   => Logging Snort PID to log directory (/var/log/snort)

Initializing Network Interface...
ERROR: OpenPcap() device en0 open: 
        /dev/en0: No such file or directory
root at ...417...:/usr/local/bin>

As you can see, the issue seems to be the network interface. Any other AIX users out there who can tell me what might be wrong? 




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