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Dragos Ruiu dr at ...381...
Sat Sep 2 15:41:58 EDT 2000

Well, I was gonna run the total scripts for the Snort User Base... but I noticed
that snort only has 20 users in the world (including me).  Either that or snort
users don't like forms. :-) Somehow, I don't think that numbers totaled will be
enough to impress anyone....  But in case anyone does think that size estimates
of the snort user community and installation base would be handy in convincing
any skeptical manager that an open source program can be useful, here it is
again, if you want to reply to this message and fill it in....

(I believe Jim Forster may have a version of this ready to go up on the
snort.org web page feeding into a database that autotallies too...  all e-mail
responses will be put into the db totals too. But I don't want to speak for him
in case it's not ready yet.... but he's working on it.)

20 questions about Snort (well ok 21 :)

Snort Survey - (please send reply to dr at ...381... with Snort User Base in subj.)

(Instructions: for multiple choice on the reply, delete the appropriate words so
your answer remains, multiple answers ok, for numeric or comment parameters 
put the value after the ":"  blank/empty answers ok, for numeric answers if
don't know leave blank)

1. What OS do you runs Snort on?
-OS: OpenBSD FreeBSD NetBSD Solaris SunOS Linux HP-UX AIX IRIX Tru64  MacOSX Windows BeOs  
2. How many snort sensors do you use(#)?
3. How much traffic do they process per week in gigabytes(just number pls.)?
5. The fastest link you put snort on is( # in Mbps, .05 for dialup, 8 ADSL, 10 Cablemodem, 1000 GigE )     
6. The fastest live traffic rate you've used snort on is(in Mbps, #)  
7. The average link speed/usage I deploy snort on (Mbps,#)...
8. The number of rules you typically configure(#)....
9. The amount of RAM in my Snorters(#, Mb):
10. The CPU used for Snort (Mhz, #)
11. NIC type I like to use (e.g. 3com 3c509, Intel EtherExpress):
12. Favorite thing about snort(put comment after ":")
13. Least Favorite thing about snort(put comment after ":")
14: Future feature you need most
15. The next best future feature you need:
16: Number of alerts a day you log on average:
17. Please describe any special or interesting application you may have for Snort... 
18. Number of attackers caught successfully with snort (#)....
19. Most interesting attack origin or type logged by snort...
20. Name any interesting modifications to snort you use locally...
21. Most common false alarm on your snort:

Thanks for taking time to answer this... maybe the results will
be interesting for all of us.


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