[Snort-users] arachNIDS

Ryan W. Maple ryan at ...53...
Fri Sep 1 14:26:21 EDT 2000

Greetings snortEERS,

I have been looking up so many IDS codes on arachNIDS lately that I hacked
up a quick little button for Netscape.  Here is the javascript:

<A HREF="javascript:q=document.getSelection();if(!q){void(q=prompt('Enter IDS ID.',''))};if(q)location.href='http://dev.whitehats.com/IDS/'+escape(q)" ADD_DATE="952959500" LAST_VISIT="0" LAST_MODIFIED="0">arachNIDS</A>

Before anybody asks, yes it is a quick hack of the Google button, so I
give credit to them :).  More information on the Google buttons can be
found at:


Hope this helps some people out a little bit.  It's a huge time saver if
you're constantly referencing arachNIDS.

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