[Snort-users] second layer header error

Andrew Hall ahall at ...724...
Mon Oct 30 10:55:46 EST 2000


I have setup pppoe in a lab environment here.  I have a pppoe server and
client talking correctly and establishing a connection correctly.  I would
like to be able to use snort on the ppp0 interface created by the above
connection.  I am starting snort like this:
	"/usr/bin/snort -i ppp0 -c /test/lib/snort-rules -e".
I receive the following error:
	"There's no second layer header available for this datalink"
Then I see this error at the bottom of the snort output:
	"/test/lib/backdoor.sigbased.rules (6) =>  No netmask specified for IP

Has anyone successfully been able to get snort to run on a ppp interface?
Does any documentation exist on this?  Any suggestions would be appreicated.
BTW please reply to me as I am not subscribed to the list.  Thank you in

Andrew Hall

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