[Snort-users] alerting admin via email or sms

Gene R. Gomez ggomez at ...677...
Mon Oct 30 10:49:14 EST 2000

I modified some shell scripts that perform the following functions once an
Check for snort.alert modifications; archive and mail them.
Check for portscan.log modifications; archive and mail them.
Check for vision.rules modifications (on the whitehats.com site); update
local rules and send a report.
That last item is kind of dangerous, but I back it up by using the
10102k.rules as well.
So, I don't get up-to-the-minute reports, but I'll know within 59 minutes if
something strange is happening.  :)


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Subject: [Snort-users] alerting admin via email or sms

I am testing and configuring snort Version 1.6 on redhat Linux 6.2

I would like to know how do we configure snort so that the alert will be
sent to an email or sms. May I know the commands
and where do I configure it.


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