[Snort-users] Snort-IDS-HOWTO

Gene Ramon Gomez ggomez at ...677...
Sat Oct 28 16:23:02 EDT 2000

Mary and all,
It seems pretty obvious that we're all in agreement the documentation needs
to be worked over a bit.  Since I perceive an immediate need for a
Snort-IDS-HOWTO (this is the first document I looked for when I started with
Snort), I'll work on that.
After I'm done with that I'll post it to this list for
comments/corrections/security considerations, etc.  If I make it through
that intact, I'd LOVE to work on the core Snort documentation.  However, I'm
not guaranteeing that I'll be fast about it.  ;)


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All of the Snort documentation needs to be gone over and updated/corrected,
it's getting seriously dated and crufty.  Any volunteers? :)


Martin Roesch
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