[Snort-users] snort-1.6.3-patch2-WIN32-mysql

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Tue Oct 24 21:58:41 EDT 2000

Jed, as you know, the problem turned out to be a mis-constructed "open
database" call in the rules file.  I used commas between each parameter,
when they're only wanted for the first couple.  Again, thanks tremendously
for your help.  The community is very lucky to have folks like you willing
to take time with hand-holding, as you have mine the past couple days.
Appreciate it greatly.


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> I would like to deploy standalone sensors that report back to a single
> database.  I have the database working fine on a central platform (FreeBSD
> 4, Snort 1.70 Beta and MySQL 3.22).  However, when I compile/install/run
> Snort 1.70 on a remote machine, configured to report to the central
> it wants to use the MySQL server running locally.  (I'd prefer not even to
> install MySQL client/server on the remote machine.)
> What am I missing?  I thought this would be the function of the
> "host=hostname" parameter on the locally executed Snort rules?

Hmmm.. I am not sure I understand the issue. Are you having trouble
logging to a database on a remote host? If so send me a copy of your
configuration and the messages snort displays where the problem is.

The sensor machines will not require the full mysql distro... They
will only need the mysqlclient library.

* Jed
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