[Snort-users] defining $HOME_NET

Erik Engberg Erik.Engberg at ...511...
Thu Oct 19 16:08:03 EDT 2000

or /12 or /14, or /15 etc
As long as the subnets are adjacent to each other you should have little
trouble.. the problems start when they aren´t...
On one installation I have snort sniffing on 5 class C nets that are
xxx.xxx.240.0 - xxx.xxx.245.0
But I have to use a /21 netmask to cover this in "one" net. 
Of course this means that xxx.xxx.246.0/24 and xxx.xxx.247.0/24 are
considered my home_net as well but there´s no traffic whatsoever from those
nets I can take that problem, although it wouldn´t be fun if they started
messing with me or an attacker found that out. Damage wouldn´t be to great
but visibility is hampered and you have to take that into consideration... 
Best thing is that I have control and I can always deny those nets in my
border router or firewall. Problem solved (although not so "neat").
When are we getting support for multiple home_nets? Are we getting it?

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would a /13 work? 
examples of a /13 

x.0.0.0 - x.7.255.255 
x.8.0.0 - x.15.255.255 
x.16.0.0 - x.23.255.255 

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> Hi, 
> How would one go about defining the HOME_NET variable in the 
> case where the 
> network is very large and contains more than one class B IP range? 
> e.g. HOME_NET might consist of: 
>      [x].[y].0.0 
>      [x].[y+1].0.0 
>      [x].[y+2].0.0 
>      [x].[y+3].0.0 
> and these numbers don't make for convenient subnetting (e.g. /16). 
> Thanks! 
> Joanne 
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