[Snort-users] Does anyone know of sites:

chris koontz ckoontz at ...131...
Thu Oct 19 10:04:06 EDT 2000

That cover Legal Guidelines regarding implemening IDS
systems or other sniffers on a network? Things I'm
looking for are:
letters of agreement that are enforceable
impact of laws like the Privacy and Wiretap acts

things that cover the "customer rights" (ie. actions
that can be taken by a user who was wrongly sniffed or
had the sniffing used in a non-legal way)

and the rights of the security professional to be able
to take proper actions during an incedent (ie. sending
sniffed data to other ISPs or law enforcement)

(some of us in the security field still worry about
becomming the next Randal Schwartz)

Thank you very much in advance for your input,

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