[Snort-users] Other IDS solutions

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yup, supposed to be closly related to another one of their lessor known IDS
solutions but instead it comes in the form of a 6500 series blade. very
expensive and only around 300 signatures so far. Cisco reps were saying thay
have some very good engineers working the project but i have doubts about
security when it comes to cisco, they still only support sshv1 on only some
of their devices. pretty damn weak if you ask me.
but their is nothing stopping the user from manuly configuring more

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Has anyone had any experience with Man Hunt and Man Trap.
Also I know there was recent discusion of snort vs Cisco and snort seemed to
the winner. Has anyone heard of a new switch or switch card cisco is
with integrated IDS.
 --  Kevin Timm 
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