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Fri Oct 13 04:54:50 EDT 2000

>>>>> On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, "Jerry" == Jerry Shenk wrote

  Jerry> What do people here use for security scanning - that is, testing your
  Jerry> security setups to make sure you've got things covered?  I typically
  Jerry> use nmap, nessus and to a lesser degree Saint.  How do they compare
  Jerry> with ISS, CyberCop or other commercial apps?

Off topic, so the short version.

If you know what you are doing, the tools you are using will achieve better 
results than the commercial apps. However, if you want a an overview of the 
network and some indication of where the major problems are, then ISS and 
Cybercop will give you that. Then you do the clever stuff using only your 
brain, a few command line tools, 85 cups of strong coffee and preferably 
dressed in black 8-)



PS pen-test mailing list run out of securityfocus is a good place to discuss 
this stuff.

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