[Snort-users] Snort + IPF

Todd Ransom TRansom at ...197...
Mon Oct 9 09:36:15 EDT 2000

ipf should not affect snort at all.  I have snort on a box with this rule:

block in quick all

and I still see all the traffic with snort, tcpdump, etc.

maybe your problem lies elsewhere?


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Hello everyone :-)

I'm trying to run SNORT + IPF on a FreeBSD 4.1 release boxen.
I want SNORT to capture all access attempts (like it normally would),
but the problem is that IPF if blocking almost everything!

Does anyone know of a way I can have all incoming packets pass through
SNORT and then to IPF?

The box is not on a switch of anything so I can't do packet redirection
and things.

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