[Snort-users] Re: Snort-users digest, Vol 1 #130 - 7 msgs

H Carvey keydet89 at ...131...
Sat Oct 7 18:45:29 EDT 2000

I just wrote a Perl script that will watch web pages
in the same manner Mike mentions below.  The script is
called 'ww.pl', and it's in a zipped archive in the
Tools section of http://www.forixnt.com.

Soon, I'll be releasing something similar to what Mike
talks about...it watches a directory for changes, and
if one occurs, it will check a list of files the user
has told it to watch.  If one of the files has been
changed or deleted, the utility will automatically
reload the file from a repository.  This is good for
web pages and FTP dirs...

This new utility will be released on
http://www.forixnt.com soon...

> I just wrote a utility that I will be releasing(Open
> Source) that
> will read in a file and for each filename listed in
> the file it will
> do an MD5 hash on the file every x minutes. If the
> hash changes then
> the file has changed and an alarm should be
> generated.  The program
> will just run an external application to process the
> alarm and
> possibly do SNMP. Until this is released however I
> recommend using
> the above application. It looks wonderful.

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