[Snort-users] what are these?

Robert E. Leever bel1 at ...358...
Wed Oct 4 14:51:55 EDT 2000

hi Eric

thanks, that does make sense...
well... let me rephrase that...

it makes perfect sense from a
Microsoft bone-heads pov

but... could this be a worm looking
for other MS boxes to infect? 

I've asked some of the people who are
plugging in ms systems to the subnet
and they are running an snmp agent called
harmony, but according to them it doesn't
do pings, just snmp gets/puts when asked.

The owner of the pc denies that he's doing
any pings or tracaeroutes.

He also claims that everything that's in the
startup folder he put there.

I'll certainly let the user-list know if I
find anything nasty.


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