[Snort-users] The truth about Napster

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Tue Oct 3 16:04:58 EDT 2000

Actually, the Napster rules were added just to assist people in detecting
systems running Napster.  When the whole thing started, I had gotten 3
Emails in one day from different colleges asking me if there was a way to
detect it.....  So I tossed a few rules up, and they just sort of stayed in
the ruleset.
They're for informational purposes only, nothing evil that I know of.  (No,
I won't go into the MP3s are EVIL speech)  :P


Jim Forster
Network Administrator
RapidNet / DakotaConnect

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> Thanks for all the info about the Large ICMP packets issue.
> Well, I hope this question is not too off-topic, but I started to
> get Napster alerts from snort ("Napster 7777 Data"). One of my users had
> installed Napster in a Linux box in which he has root priviledges.
> I've being trying to gather some info about the real risks of
> running Napster but found nothing very conclusive except for occasional
> bugs. I want to be able to decide if I can allow hime to run Napster or
> not, i.e. if it's safe to run it, and if not, I would like to have the
> right arguments.
> I guess that if there is a rule for Napster it means that Napster
> is dangerous. Can you point out some references/opinions on this?
> Thanks.
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