[Snort-users] Reading Packets?

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_TCP/IP illustrated, volume 1 The protocols_ by W. Richard Stevens
ISBN 0-201-63346-9

everything you ever wanted to know about IP and then some.


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Hello Group

First I would like to inform you guys/gals that this is a Very useful email
group. Very professional responses to most of the questions, and courteous.
Now that the B-llsh-t is done here is my question.

Does anyone have any good reference material on IP packet  interpretation?
Something I can look at to help me figure out what I'm looking at.  I have a
slight handle on the basics but sometimes I get packets that I have no clue
what I'm looking at.

10/03-07:53:54.312623 0:50:DA:2D:FD:F -> 0:10:7B:77:8F:FA type:0x800
 X.X.4.125:1029 -> X.X.135.21:5000 TCP TTL:128 TOS:0x78 ID:11776
 **S***** Seq: 0x2C0FD Ack: 0x0 Win: 0x2000
## Mostly this stuff  ?###
TCP Options => MSS: 1460 NOP WS: 0 NOP NOP TS: 0 0 NOP NOP SackOK

Chris N.

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