[Snort-users] Lots of Null Pointer packets

Eric Fitzgerald eric at ...551...
Mon Oct 2 17:28:49 EDT 2000

Hello, I have snort running on a Linux box, and I seem to be getting a LOT
of discarded Null Pointer packets, to the tune of 71 in the span of just
under 14 minutes.  The network snort is monitoring consists of 4 linux boxes
and 2 solaris boxes.  I'm not quite sure what is causing this or if it's
normal, if it's normal, is there a way I can stop it from putting these
warnings into my syslog?

Thank you in advance,

Eric Fitzgerald
Server Administrator
AMN Television Marketing

(P.S. running snort with following options: -c /etc/snort.rules -A full -l
/var/log/snort -D)

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