[Snort-users] snort isn't doing anything

Emre root at ...536...
Mon Oct 2 12:10:55 EDT 2000

On 02-Oct-2000 Martin Roesch wrote: 
> Yikes!  You shouldn't mix -v and -D, you're telling Snort to dump all packets
> to the screen and then putting it in daemon mode!  How about running it in
> plain mode for a bit to see if it's working or shutting down for some reason. 

Well when I tried that, snort didn't really dump anything on the screen
BTW snort works fine now....

> This will automatically log to /var/log/snort and dump any startup errors that
> the program has right back to you.
> You should also read the USAGE file!

I did that :\

> Did you set the HOME_NET variable?

That's the very fisrt thing I did...
it's working fine now...

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