[Snort-users] Snorticus Update Released. v1.0.1

Paul Ritchey (CSIRT) pritchey at ...516...
Mon Oct 2 07:25:30 EDT 2000

I've updated Snorticus over the weekend:

1.  Added first user requested enhancement:  Added a configurable option
so you can include additional SnortSnarf options in the
retrieve_wrapup.sh script beyond the few that Snorticus already uses.
(Thanks Jim for pointing this one out to me!)

2.  It now includes the push_rules.sh script.  This script allows you to
centrally maintain your rules and push them out to the sensors.  Rules
can be applied to all sensors, specific sites only, or only for a
specific subnet on a specific sensor.  This helps you maintain
consistency when you must maintain many sensors, and helps you quickly
update your sensors with one simple command.

Snorticus can be obtained from it's home site:

Paul Ritchey
pritchey at ...110...

R. Paul Ritchey (Contractor, Jacob and Sundstrom, Inc.)
Computer Security and Incident Response Team
U. S. Army Research Laboratory Adelphi MD
pritchey at ...110...

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