[Snort-users] Win* machines - port 139 scans

H Carvey keydet89 at ...131...
Sun Oct 1 16:21:17 EDT 2000

> We got the exact scans everyday from numerous
> bellsouth subnets. I pasted some of the captures
> an e-mail to the abuse address and sent it off with
> an explanation. Their response was that they
> do anything to help me without timezone information.
> In other words, they didn't want to do anything.

Hhhmm...w/o portions of the scans I can't say for
sure...but it sounds like they wanted to know your
timezone b/c they use DHCP for dial-up, and the
timezone info would be the only way they have of
correlating the time of the scan to the user who had
the IP address at the time.

...just a thought.  Would take too much for you to
just send back "EST" or whatever...


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