[Snort-users] sudden increase in "Mail Login" matches

Martin Roesch roesch at ...421...
Thu Nov 30 02:03:11 EST 2000

This rule looks like it goes off any time someone logs into your POP3 server
from outside your network.  Do you allow external POP3 access?


Nathan Spande wrote:
> Hey all,
> I noticed recently that when I grabbed the most recent source out of CVS,
> that this rule (and the parallel one that checks for PASS) started matching
> tons of web traffic.  Very odd indeed.  It looks like these are two of a
> very small set of rules that use the "<>" operator.  Any chance that
> something recently changed that would have caused that to start ignoring
> ports?  It looks like the content always matches (cookies that have USER
> fields, you know), but neither port does.
> alert tcp !$HOME_NET any <> $HOME_NET 110 (msg:"Mail Login";flags:PA;
> content:"USER"; logto:"MAIL";)
> I noticed a fix for a "!" problem recently, but applying that fix didn't
> take care of this.
> Thanks!
> Nathan
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