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Tue Nov 28 21:54:04 EST 2000

I am also using the vision.conf rules but instead of trying to make a
hybrid file I just used the vision.conf file without altering anything
other than my Internet network IP range.  So far it's been working great.


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On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Jan Muenther wrote:

> Huh??
> I just decided to go for it and try and arachNIDS ruleset,
> retrieved the latest version, took the head of my snort lib,
> replaced the $INTERNAL/$EXTERNAL stuff with $HOME_NET /
> !$HOME_NET, added it to the snort-lib's head, gave the file a new
> name, fired up snort with -c newfilename and... it dumps core.
> Doh. 
> Is this a known issue??? Without any error messages the reason
> for the core dump is a little hard to track down for me ;o))
> Bye, Jan
> Btw: FreeBSD 4.0 RELEASE.
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