[Snort-users] vision ruleset...

Jan Muenther jan at ...206...
Wed Nov 29 06:20:36 EST 2000


I just decided to go for it and try and arachNIDS ruleset,
retrieved the latest version, took the head of my snort lib,
replaced the $INTERNAL/$EXTERNAL stuff with $HOME_NET /
!$HOME_NET, added it to the snort-lib's head, gave the file a new
name, fired up snort with -c newfilename and... it dumps core.


Is this a known issue??? Without any error messages the reason
for the core dump is a little hard to track down for me ;o))

Bye, Jan

Btw: FreeBSD 4.0 RELEASE.
Radio HUNDERT,6 Medien GmbH Berlin
- EDV -
j.muenther at ...206...

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