[Snort-users] Only four penguins?

Dr SuSE drsuse at ...748...
Fri Nov 24 11:01:09 EST 2000

I see that Snort is listed on www.linuxberg.com and it only rated 4 out of
5 penguins.  Something is wrong with that picture.  I'm going to have to
send them an email and point out their mistake.

Enough of that, to the real topic.  I was wondering if some of you might
be interested in getting together on an IRC server perhaps one or two
nights a week.  I figure this would be a good place to find other Snort
users so that we could possibly check attack signatures and test Snort
rules.  For those of us who might not have all the equipment we need to do
it correctly this might work out well.

We could use irc.linux.com which isn't full of script kiddies.


"Microsoft ist nicht installiert"

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