[Snort-users] libpcap? libpcapn? let's call the whole thing off?

curt curtpdx at ...834...
Wed Nov 22 23:25:16 EST 2000

hi all,

After a blissfully uneventful install, snort 1.3.6 is failing to 
initialize, citing libpcap as the missing link (hehe).  My SuSE 7.0 
comes with libpcapn, which indicates in the package description that it 
covers libpcap and then some.

My questions--and I do have some--are:

can snort be tweaked to use libpcapn rather than libpcap?

if not, are libpcap and libpcapn incompatible/mutually exclusive, 
requiring me to remove libpcapn prior to installing libpcap?

I did check the archives on this...



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