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I do believe you hit this one right on the head..  I just printed your email
out, highlighted the important stuff, then tacked it to my corkboard.  Now
when some ignoramus management type starts to spew off on how we should fix
a leaky roof with hundred dollar bills, I will feel better knowing I'm not
the only soldier of competence fighting off incompetence.

Chris N.

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> I'd have to say these people aren't very plugged in.  Marty can correct me
> I'm wrong, but hasn't Steve Northcutt said for a long time that the GIAC
> receives more snort alerts than any other IDS?  I would say it depends on
> the organization.  Some people are really plugged in and know about snort
> often are even using it.  Other times, people think they want an IDS but
> know much about IDS in general and buy something as inept as "Cisco Secure
> Intrusion Detection" (which is a product based on technology that is
> years old which Cisco didn't even invent but rather purchased from the
> Group)
> IDS shouldn't have to be a popularity contest, but for some CTOs and CIOs,
etc. it's the same mentality that has prevailed for a _long_ time: "no one
> got fired for buying Cisco".
> -Jeff
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I was recently in a meeting with one of the big 5 European banks, they
> > wanted an overview of the security systems we have in place on some
> > co-lo machines, I went through writing this up on a white board and
> > talked about all the different bit's n' bobs etc. Came to IDS and I
> > explained that we used Snort, the quiet guy said nothing and the other
> > guy hadn't heard of it.
> >
> > Im wondering what others experiences are when talking about IDS's to
> > large organisations, do they scoff at you because you are using
> > something that didn't cost a couple K? or do they accept it? What is the
> > perception of snort to management that have a role in IS but doesn't
know a
> > whole lot about the tech?
> >
> > Ohh yeah, btw I think snort rocks and it works great for me, if it
> > didn't we would have gone for a expensive commercial beastie :)
> >
> > Kind Regards,
> > -Jev
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