[Snort-users] Who's using Snort?

Gene Ramon Gomez ggomez at ...677...
Wed Nov 22 10:01:39 EST 2000

I'm still working on the Snort-IDS-HOWTO.  Having the FAQ to look over would
be a GREAT boon to ensure I don't miss anything.  :)


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On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Bill Marquette wrote:
> Speaking of customizations...Dragos, I don't recall seeing anything on the
> libsplay work you were doing.  Any word on that?  If you have anything
ready for
> testing, I'd love to take a look at it.

Yep, it's still on my todo... but it's about 4 down on the list right now.
But the good news is that your request bumped it up to 3... :-)

There really isn't much to finish on it... I just haven't build a library
before and need to do my reading to see if there is anything special
I have to do to the code. I'm trying to clean off my todo ASAP.
I'm trying to finish an edit of the FAQ first tho, unless you or Mr. Cramer
scream at me for it loudly....  :-)

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