[Snort-users] Who's using Snort?

Jan Muenther jan at ...206...
Tue Nov 21 04:37:59 EST 2000

> Ok, who's using Snort?
>     -Marty

I am. I work for a news-oriented Berlin-based radio station which
largely depends on its IT resources. I only have an 128kbps
uplink, but still get quite a few probes. Snort does a great job
over here, I have it running on a P133/32MB/FreeBSD box (my boss
didn't even miss it when I decided to dedicate it to snort ;o))
which doesn't even yawn. 
Whenever our management complains about all the fuss I make about
security (like blocking Emails with suspicious attachments), I
just show them my logs and explain them the probes for trojans
etc. It helps a big deal.

I also fancy the fact it's really easy to add your own rules and
generally tweak it to fit your own needs. That's what's great
about OSS ;o))

I also noticed there are plenty of german snort users around.
Anyone interested in a german snort-users mailing list? I'd be
ready to host it ;o))

Bye, Jan

Radio HUNDERT,6 Medien GmbH Berlin
- EDV -
j.muenther at ...206...

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