[Snort-users] OK it's time to update the FAQ...

Mark Rowlands mark.rowlands at ...752...
Sun Nov 19 11:42:53 EST 2000

On Thursday 16 November 2000 22:16, Dragos Ruiu wrote:
> Twould be a good thing for  1.7
> I'll go and have some peeks at my archives of this group to see
> if there are any immediate candidates... like ldconfig.
> (Hmmm is that already in there?)
> Anyways... I'll take a crack at re-editing the FAQ.  Does anyone have any
> immediate candidates that jump to mind? I'll give you guys until the end
> of the weekend when I hope to have edits done.  Or for that matter
> send me other edits for the docs... I don't promise to do them all but
> at least to collate them.
> cheers,
> --dr
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as a newbie... the following would be helpful tho possibly off topic

configuring snort and snortsnarf in non unix environments :-(

(I have snort running on  a couple of win32 boxes dumping output to a freebsd 
box as I have never got snortsnarf to work on win32  (and I am still not 
100% sure it is working as it should be) maybe I will have another crack at 
it tonight and report back.

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