[Snort-users] installing problems

Thomas Winkler wir98jrq at ...806...
Fri Nov 17 05:42:55 EST 2000

i am new to this list, so please apologize if you answered this question
before. i am trying to install snort 1.6.3 on a SuSE 7.0 system with
libpcap 0.5 and flex 2.5.4. i installed libpcap (with includes) and
flex, but i am not getting snort compiled.

the configure script runs without problems.

make gives the following errors
/usr/local/lib/libpcap.a(gencode.o): In function `pcap_compile':
gencode.o(.text+0x25f): undefined reference to `lex_init'
/usr/local/lib/libpcap.a(gencode.o): In function `pcap_compile_nocap':
gencode.o(.text+0x392): undefined reference to `lex_init'
/usr/local/lib/libpcap.a(grammar.o): In function `yyparse':
grammar.o(.text+0x95): undefined reference to `yylex'
grammar.o(.text+0xadb): undefined reference to `yylex'

i guess i am doing something wrong installing libpcap. am i missing

thank you for you help
thomas winkler

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