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[I may be trying to teach the developers to suck eggs here, but here's a few
random neuron-firings I've had today]

I've seen several postings over the past few months from the developers
where they refer to lost events due to having "too many" rules for snort to
process for the traffic level in question. Personally with the sorts of
traffic levels I'm looking at - this won't be a problem - but I'm wondering
if there is anything else that we could do to lower the "dropped event"

For instance, this throughput problem is an issue with other protocols like
Web proxing too. I use "jesred"
(http://www.linofee.org/~elkner/webtools/jesred/) which is a redirector for
the Squid Proxy server. This package manages to "optimize" it's database of
URLs it tries to match against by doing a double-pass - whereby it first
matches grossly, and then gets it's final match on that - this speeds it up
no end apparently.

So I was wondering if something like that could be done to Snort to allow it
to process packets faster. If I have a rule that looks for
"filename=\"hello.there\"" in a SMTP packet, how about getting Snort just to
look for SMTP packets (which is easier), then look for the exact match
afterwards? Would that actually speed things up?

Also, if the actual amount of packets hitting the Snort ethernet card was
reduced, I'm sure that would lower the risk of packet loss. So how about if
we were to write a script that parses the rules file, and generates a IP ACL
list from it (e.g. ipchains for Linux). Then by blocking/dropping all other
packets (as they are of no interest to us), and only allowing packets
through that Snort is looking for, that should leave more resource for Snort
to play with?

Comments? [no flames, I've just had lunch]


Jason Haar

Unix/Special Projects, Trimble NZ
Phone: +64 3 9635 377 Fax: +64 3 9635 417

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