[Snort-users] RE: Lastest CVS Source

Frank Reid fcreid at ...691...
Fri Nov 10 16:43:50 EST 2000

> Interesting that you ran into compile problems with RedHat 7. I'd like
> to narrow down what the issue is there if possible. I've got a plain
> RedHat 7.0 box with openssl-devel-0.9.5a-14 and I can not reproduce
> the error.


I did some research based on your ability to compile successfully on a
similarly configured RH7.  As it turned out, I had two different openssl
developer packages installed.  I had apparently installed openssl v0.9.3
from a tarball as part of earlier project that required SSLeay.  These
headers landed in /usr/local/ssl/include/openssl with a default install from
the Makefile.  Then, as part of the RH7 RPM installation, I installed
openssl-developer v0.9.5a-14 to the default directory of
/usr/include/openssl.  The RPM installation apparently never noticed or
squawked about the existing installation from tarball.

During troubleshooting, after upgrading to openssl-developer v0.9.6, I
manually provided the include path to the configure script,
i.e. --with-openssl=/usr.  I just ran configure again without the explicit
openssl path, and it did find the older installation in /usr/local/ssl and,
again, refused to compile with the errors I described earlier.  I suspect if
I downgraded to v0.9.5a-14 and specified the path, it would compile fine.

So, a couple lessons learned.  First, Snort apparently doesn't like openssl
v0.9.3.  Second, configure looks for the default tarball installation
directories unless told otherwise.  Perhaps there's a way to have configure
detect whether it's a RedHat installation and look in the default
/usr/include/openssl where the RPM sticks its headers?

Anyway, the "problem" was on this side of the keyboard!  Sorry for the


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