[Snort-users] Changing ip

Martin Roesch roesch at ...421...
Wed Nov 8 17:44:36 EST 2000

Run Snort in sniffer mode (snort -dvi eth0) and make sure it can see the
packets.  Then run it with the HOME_NET set appropriately for the network
you're defending.

If it's all set right, once it's running do an "ifconfig -a" and make sure the
interface is in promiscuous mode (it'll say so in the options section of the
printout).  If it's not, there should be a way to set it manually.  Try that
and let us know how it goes.


Michael Tench wrote:
> Greetings;
> I have changed the IP address fo a Linux box running Snort. Since that time,
> Snort no longer works. Even if I specify the interface (eth0), it no longer
> works.
> As a secondary question, do any of you know how I could actually
> remove the address from the interface, then have snort monitor it?
> Do any of you have a suggestion?
> Thank you for dealing with my very basic questions.
> Michael Tench
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