[Snort-users] Am I the only one pulling my slowly-turning-gra y hair out!

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You're probably better off just shoring up your network and sending
logs to abuse at ...767...  You'll probably just waste your time
otherwise; as an admin I'm pretty certain that if you picture someone
calling YOU to complain about one of YOUR users, you'd probably
eventually get around to tracking down who was misbehaving, but you
probably wouldn't turn that user's name over to the other admin, and
you'd probably have more pressing issues to get to before anything
was looked into at all.
Personally, if someone called ME about one of my users, as an admin
I'd report to my Director of IT and let the corporate folks hash it
out, unless my AUP gave me authority/responsibility to take other
action.  An ISP is somewhat different, but most ISPs provide users
"guarantees" of privacy, which equates to a guarantee that they won't
turn their names over to anyone.  ;)

- -Gene

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I am using the latest 'snort' and it works like a champ!  It is
everything that I have heard about and MORE!...and no I am not on
'the payroll'...teehee.

My question is as follows:

Since I have been monitoring and mediating network traffic on my
network(s), I have discovered actual break-in attempts, port scans,
by so-called 'hackers' or 'crackers'.  No sweat.  Most of them are
pimply faced 'script kiddies' using outta-the-box software.  No real

However, am I the only one who gets the run around when reporting
devious activity to ISP's?  .OR. am I doing something wrong?  I know
hate even the mention of it, but are there any laws holding ISPs
accountable?  Will someone please advise.  And one last thing (I am
that you folks already know), don't try to report an incident to the
folks at the "@home" network...they'll just transfer you in circles,
then hang up on you once your estimated wait time has been reached
offense to any of you @home techies in the audience...I know you're
out there!).

Thanks for the open ports, ladies & gentlemen.

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