[Snort-users] Newbie answered his own question

Backman, Ron BackmanRL at ...762...
Tue Nov 7 20:25:04 EST 2000

Yesterday I inquired about  building SNORT on LinuxPPP2000, a Linux on the
PPC Macintosh.  I have a Sonet G3/500 accelerator stuck in an older PPC
7300.  I was experiencing some compile problems, especially with the <asm>
directory.  Indeed it was a directory name problem.  the symlink
/usr/include/asm normally points to 


But the LinuxPPC2000 folk's didn't have a directory there called "asm".
Instead they had "asm-generic" and "asm-ppc".  So naturally I tried to
reassign the symlink /usr/include/asm to the "asm-ppc" and lone behold that
did the trick.  It compiled right up.  I promptly hosed up my X server and
wasted the next 2 hours fixing that but SNORT appears to be running native
on a Mac jsut fine.

Tomorrow is another day

Thanks to some of you for your advice.


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