[Snort-users] Mysql errors [plus possible fix?]

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at ...294...
Sun Nov 5 22:25:28 EST 2000

On Sun, Nov 05, 2000 at 09:33:14PM -0500, Jed Pickel wrote:
> Interesting. Can you reproduce this error? Has anyone else ever seen
> this one? The only cause I can think of is a fatal error (perhaps

Well it's happening right now :-)

My snort and mysqld daemons aren't restarting/crashing or the like, and what
I'm seeing is the same alert happening several times in one second.

> One of the early versions of this plugin worked like that. The problem
> you run into is concurrency when you have multiple sensors logging to
> the database. You can fix this with locking but taking that route
> turned out to be fairly expensive comparative to the current model.

I would have thought LAST_INSERT_ID() would have taken care of that - those
counters are all thread-based so each thread should be independent of the
others, right?

As in:

Snort1         Snort2
      |     |    
      |     |    
      |     |    
      |     |    
Snort1 and Snort2 simultaneously insert new event via:

INSERT into event (1,,'xxx','2000-11-06 12:55:23');
INSERT into event (2,,'xxx','2000-11-06 12:55:23');

Snort1 and Snort2 then both do LAST_INSERT_ID() and get returned different
cid's which they then use for the rest of the transaction. Wouldn't that
work? As it is, with different sensors there shouldn't be any locking issues


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