[Snort-users] Project PigRoast on ACID

Joe Magee me at ...297...
Fri Nov 3 14:13:55 EST 2000

Hello all, 

I'm looking to build a logging and event monitoring display using acid. 

So far I have a bunch of SNORT ids sensors monitoring various parts of my network. Their all loggin locally (totally not scaleable.) I originally started ProjectPigRoast which seems like ACID would fit the best. 

I understand you need an apace machine with php enabled, and a My SQL machine. 

Normally do people usually run MySQL and Apache on the same box? What OS is typically used. I try to use nothing but OpenBSD. Thats what my sensors are. Has anyone used a Windows NT 4.0 MySQL server or a OpenBSD Apache server? this is what I'd like to use. 

Any comments? If anyone could point me to FAQ's on using MySQL with snort and setting up the MySQL database for use with the sensors please send any info my way.

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