[Snort-users] -A full and daemon mode

Bobby, Paul paul.bobby at ...178...
Thu Jul 27 17:11:19 EDT 2000

Is there any reason why logging -A full and Daemon mode wont work together?

snort -d -A full -h xxxx.../24 -c snort-lib & 

	runs in the background logging to the alert file, and the binary
file, both in /var/log/snort

snort -d -A full -h xxxx.../24 -c snort-lib -D

	runs as a daemon but only logs to the binary file in /var/log/snort

Can I get full logging to work also? I would use that with sstat.

Using snort -dv -r logfile does not recreate the alerts, so xlating the
binary file into text wont help me generate input for sstat.

Paul Bobby
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