[Snort-users] [anno] Update for pgsql.php3

Yen-Ming Chen yenming at ...11...
Tue Jul 25 17:41:37 EDT 2000

	This is the update for pgsql.php3 script. The changes are:

Contributions from Pinaud Bruno <bpinaud at ...12...>
* Add meta tag with no-cache
* Change the pg_connection line
* Add hide_dest and show_dest to indicate hide/show destination ip
* Add protocol details in the summary
* Fix the form action problem of ip addr input

	You can still obtain the latest file from:


	until 12:00pm 7/26/00 EST.

	And I'll announce the mirror sites later, since I'll probably be
gone for at least 2 weeks (for the DSL installation in my new place). So
don't be surprised if you can't connect to the above url tomorrow. Thanks.

Yen-Ming Chen

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