[Snort-users] network card shutting itself down <slight off topic>

Robert Hentosh hentosh at ...152...
Tue Jul 25 06:36:22 EDT 2000

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 12:10:04PM -0700, Andrew R. Baker wrote:
> Actually, I have experienced the same problem with the Intel
> EtherExpress Pro 100 card in a similar enviroment.  With a sustained
> traffic flow of 10-20Mbps the card would stop seeing any packets, but
> the link would stay up.  I had to down the interface and reload the
> driver module (this was a Linux 2.2 box).
> The other EEPro cards in the box (the ones not being used to sniff
> traffic) would be fine.  I "fixed" it by adding a cron job that would
> reload the driver
> periodically.  This is probably a driver issue, but since I am not
> responsible for the machine anymore I won't investigate.  However, the
> DEC tulip card I had sniffing the same traffic never gave me any
> trouble.
> -Andrew

I have also had trouble with 3Com and then with the Intel that I
replaced it with.  After that I did a quick search of some 
networking mailing lists.  It seemed everyone on the list had 
excelent results with the DEC tulip chip cards. Both the driver
and card hardware design.  I went and got a FA310TX after that 
and have had no issues with it.  Works great! And dirt cheap. So
far with the 4 FA310TX that have been up for over a year, I 
haven't had an issue with them. And definately alot less 
system load than the 3com (3c905B).

I noticed Martin said is was okay.. not great. Martin, what 
problems have you had with it?

I know these probably aren't the best implementation.  So what 
other tulip based cards (or other chipsets) do you people

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