[Snort-users] Snort 1.6.3 RPM released

Dave Wreski dave at ...53...
Tue Jul 25 02:11:34 EDT 2000

Hi all,

The snort RPM has been updated to 1.6.3.  Changes in this version

- Updated to version 1.6.3
- Fixed the user/group stuff (moved to %post)
- Added userdel/groupdel to %postun
- Automagically adds the right IP, nameservers to /etc/snort/rules.base

You can find the latest version at:


Thanks to Wim Vandersmissen for correcting my RPM mistakes and
adding the IP automagic ability.  Thanks also to Dan Hollis and Henri
Gomez for informing me of the user/group problems and making corrections.

Dave Wreski

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