[Snort-users] Problems running rules with win95 version

Michael Davis mike at ...92...
Fri Jul 21 00:14:03 EDT 2000


> > invoke a rules set I get a message that snort "Can not get write to
> > logging directory log. (directory doesn't exist or permissions are set
> > incorrectly)."  I tried writing the logfile name in a variety of ways in
> uhh.. uhh.. :-)  by default we use /var/log/snort on unix (directory).  I
> doubt you can create anything similar on windoze but try to use -l switch
> instead :-)

Actually I fixed this.  By default if there is no -l switch snort tries to
open ./log. I.E. the directory named log within the directory the snort.exe
is located in.
Quick fix:runt he command mkdir log in the directory that the snort.exe is
located in..
Not so quick but better fix: mkdir LOGDIRNAME and run snort with -l

-- Michael Davis

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