[Snort-users] win2k and snort

Andrew Griffiths griffiths_a at ...91...
Wed Jul 19 21:30:21 EDT 2000


	I'm currently having some *slight* problems with my win2k (Professional)
box and programs such as snort, nmapNT, and some other sniffing programs. I
have installed the correct drivers (2.0.2 I think.) I've quickly checked
the winpcap webpage for updates but I didn't find anything. The computer
isn't currently plugged into the network, but under the Network and Dialup
Settings, it doesn't have an X their. I can start and stop the service. Is
it just that I need to get it under a ethernet connection. It doesn't
really matter, as I am currently testing it out on my P133 / 32M of ram...

	Would it be better if I stuck with w9x or what? (I haven't got that
installed currently)

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