[Snort-users] Procmail rule to fix Outlook Overflow

Bill Pennington billp at ...60...
Wed Jul 19 20:47:56 EDT 2000

Not exactly snort related but...

This rule was developed by myself and Jason Luster (actually Jason did
all the hard work). It is the first time we have worked on procmail
rules so it may be a bit crude but it works! It basically just hacks of
the Date header at 64 characters. For more info on setting up procmail
security filters see
ftp://ftp.rubyriver.com/pub/jhardin/antispam/procmail-security.html a
very good procmail security package. You will want to install this on
your mail server. If you don't know how please see the above link, I am
not a procmail expert and will not help you install or configure

------begin recipe-------

:0 fwh
* ^Date:.*
| cut -b 0-64

-----end recipe------

I have no idea if it will mess up anything so use at your own risk. I am
not responsible for the outcome of this recipe!


Bill Pennington
Senior IT Manager
billp at ...60...

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